December 4, 2014

#WackyWednesday with Fizzie from Sunset Overdrive

Marketing Instincts Sunset Overdrive Fizzie Balloon

#WackyWednesday with our buddy Fizzie! How many of you tweeted Macy’s with #LetFizzieIn to get him into the Macy’s parade?

There was definitely something missing from that holiday parade…

Check out this awesome photo from @BWinfrey on Twitter!

Fizzie and Our Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Controller Stand

We know how you all love Fizzie and how you all love our white special edition Sunset Overdrive Controller Stand. We hope the lucky few who received one of our controller stands with their Sunset Overdrive bundle from Microsoft are enjoying them as much as we are!

Got Photos of Our Special Edition Sunset Overdrive Controller Stand?

Share it with us! We would love to see how you all #StandVictorious! Post it to us over social media and use the hashtags #XboxControllerStands and #StandVictorious to get the chance to be featured in one of our posts!