November 11, 2014

#MondayFunday: Sunset Overdrive Custom Swag by Marketing Instincts

#MondayFunday is here everyone! Don’t let the Monday Blues get you down. How many of you attended your local Sunset Overdrive launch event a couple weeks back? Well whether you did or didn’t you might recognize some of the swag we created. We provided the skateboard deck, the can cooler, the trucker hat, the Fizzie plushies, and even the inflatable Fizzie that everyone was taking awesome photos with! We hope that you all enjoyed the custom swag because we had fun creating it. Check out the gallery at and follow us on all our social media channels to stay up to date with all our latest projects! #MarketingInstincts #ControllerGear #SunsetOverdrive #CustomSwag#MondayBlues #Fizzie #FizzieSays